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Eggs laid on the surface of a mung bean, Vigna radiata and a female bean beetle on mung bean (squares are mm) (photographs by L. Blumer)


Is your department trying to meet the goals of Vision & Change and Engage to Excel by incorporating course-based research in laboratory courses?

We are available to conduct faculty professional development workshops on using the bean beetles in course-based undergraduate research experiences, tailored to the needs to the your institution and the faculty audience.

Recent presentations of new bean beetle laboratory activities

ABLE 2017, Effect of Diet on Bean Beetle Microbial Communities (Megan Cole and Christopher Beck)

ABLE 2017, Investigating Critical Periods in Bean Beetle Development : Incorporating Guided Inquiry Research into a Developmental Biology Laboratory Course (Kathryn Lipson)

Website Updates

Methods for culturing and sequencing microbes associated with bean beetles along with databases to search results to date are now available.


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