Links to Callosobruchus Researchers

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ResearcherInstitutionResearch Interests
Dr. Göran ArnqvistDepartment of Animal Ecology
Evolutionary Biology Centre
University of Uppsala
Sexual conflict
Dr. Paul EadyDepartment of Biological Sciences
University of Lincoln
Sperm competition, sexual selection
Dr. Charles FoxDepartment of Agriculture and Entomology
University of Kentuky
Evolutionary ecology
Dr. Brian InouyeDepartment of Biological Sciences
Florida State University
Host-parasitoid interactions
Dr. Frank MessinaDepartment of Biology
Utah State University
Behavior, physiology, life history evolution
Dr. Masakazu ShimadaDepartment of General Systems Studies
University of Tokyo
Life history evolution, host-parasite relations
Dr. Midori TudaLaboratory of Insect Natural Enemies
Institute of Biological Control
Faculty of Agriculture
Kyushu University
Evolutionary biology, host-parasitoid relations
Dr. Steven VamosiDepartment of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
Competition and female fitness