Laboratory Activities using Bean Beetles

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New Protocols

Building a Biomonitor: Bean Beetle Larvae as a Model for Detecting Intestinal Bacteria Pollution in Water

Betsy Morgan and Brian R. Shmaefsky, Lone Star College, Kingwood

Topic: Cell Biology, Cell Structure, Environmental Monitoring

Level: Non-majors – Intermediate majors

Class time: A minimum of 2 hours per week for two to three weeks.


Cost of Reproduction in Bean Beetles

Emily Boone, University of Richmond

Topic: Reproductive physiology

Level: Non-majors – Introductory majors

Class time: This lab is designed as a multi week experiment with the initial introduction to bean beetles and set up taking place during the students’ weekly lab period (2-3 hours). Group members are then responsible for checking on their experiment (approx. 5-10 minutes) every day (30-40 days) until all beetles have died.